- 03/10 -

Architecture by Pedevilla
Art by Gustav Willeit

Haus G, Gossensaß

Huntsman's Tower

Once a huntsman climbed a hill,
"Here a tower would be a splendid thrill,"
He thought to himself, "by night, by day,
I could see the whole valley from far away."
Decision made, the spot was marked,
Foundation laid, deep and stark,
The stone selected, to ensure,
That nothing could make the tower insecure.
He stacked stone upon stone so high,
Windows, stairs, a door nearby,
The wind picked up and he realized,
That no suitable roof had he devised.
He searched far, he searched wide,
But no roof seemed right to provide.
Desperate he sat, pondering how,
He might complete his construction now.
Then a gust of wind along the hill,
Made the huntsman’s hat fly off with a thrill,
The hat flew high, the hat flew fast,
And landed on the tower’s mast.
It fit so well, like it was meant to be,
The huntsman marveled, almost in glee.
The tower with the hat, a charming pair,
Stood proudly together, beyond compare.
The huntsman laughed, happy and loud,
His work completed, beautifully endowed.
At last fulfilled, his dream come true,
The hat as the roof, perfectly due.

"Or how do you perceive that?"
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