- 06/10 -

Architecture by Pedevilla
Art by Gustav Willeit

Fire Station, Vierschach

Snow White

"The beauty and silence of a snow-covered day has distracted many a person. For example, there was this queen who stared out of the window at the snow one moment too long and then - ouch - pricked her finger. As we all know, she was so enchanted by the beauty of her blood on the snow that she wished for a child with skin as white as snow and lips as red as blood. Her wish was fulfilled, Snow White was born and the queen, as one might expect from the Brothers Grimm, died shortly after giving birth. Do you suppose the brothers Armin and Alexander Pedevilla, by trade architects, were inspired by the Grimm fairytale when designing the fire station in South Tyrol? At any rate the building manages to exude more of a fairytale charm than most other fire stations. Yet this is simply the new accommodation for the voluntary firefighters in Vierschach, a community in Hochpustertal near Bruneck, in an area located up to 2,000 meters above sea level, and subsequently often blanketed in snow."
- Florian Heilmeyer for Stylepark, 20.02.2017

If only the journalist hadn't missed a little something! But we certainly wouldn't blame him for that. Who could ever imagine that a house would only ever turn red if there was a fire burning somewhere? But this shall remain our little secret...

"Or how do you perceive that?"
1. Take a postcard with you today.
2 Travel to South Tyrol.
3. Visit the project on display.
4. Write/Draw on the postcard...
... your "Greetings from South Tyrol".
5. Frank the postcard and send it to:

Pedevilla Architekten
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IT-39031 Bruneck (BZ)

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