- 05/10 -

Architecture by Pedevilla
Art by Gustav Willeit

Haus am Mühlbach, Mühlen in Taufers

The Monolith

The famous clip from "2001: A Space Odyssey" shows the satellites orbiting in space to the waltz "On the Beautiful Blue Danube". The film is a journey through the history and ages of mankind. From prehistoric times to the (then) future, the so-called satellite era, and from childhood to death and rebirth, this - not only visually stunning – film leaves many things in the dark. The black monolith is one of the few constants in the film, even if it is not clearly interpretable.

It appears for the first time at the beginning of the film: one morning, the precursors of Homo Sapiens wake up next to a black monolith. Unclear where it comes from, what it means and what it stands for, it causes a change of consciousness in the humans. It is only through the monolith that they learn to make weapons and tools from bone.

In 2014, a white monolith suddenly appears in the South Tyrolean municipality of Mühlen in Taufers. In contrast to its black predecessors, it exhibits a level of craftsmanship with its detailed carved surfaces that no extraterrestrial could produce. So is the structure man-made? Four years after the discovery, the South Tyrolean Architecture Foundation took evidence of this as an opportunity to honour the monolith with the South Tyrolean Architecture Prize – and it did so twice. What influence the monolith will have on our civilisation, however, remains to be seen.


"Or how do you perceive that?"
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