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Architecture by Pedevilla
Art by Gustav Willeit

Chalet La Pedevilla, Pliscia

The Cat Malang

... and as he was walking through the Plaies forest, where, as everyone knows, it's not a safe place, he heard midnight strike from afar. As it struck the twelfth stroke, he suddenly heard a noise from far below. As he looks down in surprise, he sees a beautiful castle, brightly lit, some distance below the path, where it descends steeply towards the valley creek.
That's strange, he thinks to himself, that there can be a castle down there in this steep terrain and it won't sink, and by the way, I've never seen a castle down there until today! I'd love to know if it's a real castle or just a magic one...
And so he crawled carefully down the very steep slope and managed to reach the castle. He saw the windows full of light, and beautiful music could be heard coming from the castle. He took his hat off his head and furtively glanced in through the nearest window. There was a large hall inside, and a thousand candles were burning on golden chandeliers, but the people dancing in the hall were completely unknown to him. And they were served by black kittens, each more beautiful than the other, who ran to and from the hall and up and down the stairs – obviously in very good spirits.
He now wanted to see who was making this beautiful music. They were all black cats again, sitting on a stage and boldly strumming and whistling furiously, one playing the bass, others trumpets and horns, still others fiddling, and there - but now he was seized with horror – there in the corner sat his black pet cat, blowing on a flute, and she was blowing her cheeks as hard as she could.
"You cursed beast," the farmer shouted in his anger, "now I finally know where you're always hiding at night!"
However, they had obviously heard this in the castle, and at the same moment the lights were blown out and everything was pitch dark again, and there was a clatter down the stairs, so that the farmer immediately got to his feet and, without even looking back, climbed up the steep slope to the path. If he had looked back, he would have been in trouble. With a pounding heart, he finally reached the path and made his way as quickly as the darkness would allow. And he got home safely – but his cat, the haunted flute-player, never came back to his house and he never saw her again.
- from "South Tyrolean Legends" by Bruno Mahlknecht

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