- 07/10 -

Architecture by Pedevilla
Art by Gustav Willeit

Bad Schörgau, Sarnthein

Aunt Trehs

If you are a tourist walking through the Sarntal Valley, you might hear a witch story or two. Not least the one about the witch who is said to occasionally linger around the former farmer's bath – the Bad Schörgau.

It must always be explained to tourists that this is merely the healer Trehs. She is especially present and welcome for the ‘Klöckeln’ – a fertility ritual in the advent season in Val Sarentino to ensure that her medicinal plants will flourish well in the year ahead. The extraction of mountain pine oil is at the centre of her herbal activity. After harvesting, she retreats to a small cottage in the forest, its façade patterned like a star. It can sometimes be found here, sometimes there – but never in the same place. Trehs works in the shadows.

The wooden pattern of the façade is based on circles, the most perfect, infinite and eternal of all shapes. But what functions do they fulfil for "our" Trehs? Could the "Stone Men" have something to do with it? The moon? The Zusslers?

We might find out more when we return to Bad Schörgau on the evening of a Thursday in advent.


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