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Architecture by Pedevilla
Art by Gustav Willeit

School and Kindergarten, Afers

Salige Weibelen

In Afers, "Salige Weibelen" (a kind of witch) have always lived all around the forest. They were always quiet and sad, but often helped people. They often warned people of misfortune without showing their faces. They only called their warnings from a shed in the forest. They often served as maidservants, and then things always went well in the house. However, they never stayed long, but usually left in tears without a warning.

On a farm in Afers, the farmers once left several sickles lying in the field while cutting their grain. The Salige Weibelen then came and cut a large piece of field overnight, just like that. In exchange for some food, they would cut the rest of the field over the course of the following nights. And while doing so, they still looked sad.

However, since the new village school has been inaugurated, the Salige Weibelen no longer look so sad. For a long time, everyone in the village wondered what could have caused the change – until Franz's boys drove past the sports field on their Ape, it was one night at four o'clock. If you believe them, they witnessed the most passionate football match they had ever seen.

No one else has ever witnessed the Salige Weibelen like that again. But the joy remained.


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