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Architecture by Pedevilla
Art by Gustav Willeit

ciAsa Aqua Bad Cortina, St. Vigil

Was it the Orco?

Val Badia is one of the Ladin valleys in South Tyrol. Both the German and Italian language groups are in the minority here. Ladin is not just a Rhaeto-Romanic language, which is still spoken by around 30,000 people today. Ladin is a world of its own - and a mystical one at that. Just above where the Great Water flows into the River Rienz, we find ourselves in a culture of its own, experiencing ancient traditions and the spiritual connection of the people with nature and the conditions of the land. From the Ladin language, mankind could actually learn to listen to nature - to live with it instead of trying to conquer it.
However, it was in October 2018 that a terrible storm hit South Tyrol, destroying around 7,000 hectares of forest. Even in Val Badia (for example on the slopes of St. Vigil in Enneberg), even weeks later people were fighting their way through tens of thousands of tree trunks scattered everywhere like Mikado sticks. We receive indications that the storm (baptised Vaja) could have actually been man-made.
In the parlour of his Gothic farmhouse, the historian C. Peraforada tells us about his theory:
"You know, we need to talk about the Orco. That's a malang, a devil known from Ladin legends. In bird form, yes, is that possible...? In any case, he has always frightened the people of Enneberg. But only the cocky ones! He never appears without a reason. I suspect it didn't like the lavish lifestyle of some people. The storm must have been a warning from Orco to behave ourselves." [...]
"You must know that this is nature. The air, which became frightened because the Orco, actually a small bird, wanted it that way and once flapped its wings. That calls for humility, doesn't it!"

A family of hoteliers knew how to take the knowledge gained from the alarming event as a gift and soon afterwards had their house built entirely from the fallen trees. It is proudly said that inside this house you feel "like a woodpecker in a tree" - and then there is the marvelous scent of stone pine.


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