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Architecture by Pedevilla
Art by Gustav Willeit

Hotel Bühelwirt, St. Jakob im Ahrntal

Antrian Mo(nu)mentum.

"There are numerous myths about the mountain people who lived in Valle Aurina during the Copper Stone Age. Most recently, a huge black wooden pyramid, which was discovered out of the blue by hikers (an elderly couple from Hamburg) on the Bühel near St. Jakob in 2015, caused a stir in the village inn for months.
The ancient elites had climbed the Bühel to sacrifice their grey cheese to the fertility gods - and had a pagan monument erected just there, claimed Sepp (the eldest). Karl (the coppersmith) is certain that the archaic construction must have served to measure the Alps. Its ultimate purpose remains unclear for the time being. However, Georg (the priest) claims that only recently he has seen two architect brothers from Bruneck who - allegedly - want to turn the archaic construction into a hiking hotel."
- from the regional section of the "Ahrntaler Kornpresse" from 18/09/2021

Update from 23/04/2024:
Archaeological work on the hotel construction site revealed indications that the pyramid could be a spectacular monument of the 'Antrians'. In fact, this would be the world's first documented monument to this mysterious tribe - after all, in the legends of Valle Aurina, the Antrians are thought of as small, friendly creatures who exclusively live in holes and caves underground. They are said to only emerge when they need people's kindness. Kunigunde (the hermit) remembers:

"When the Antrians were hungry, they always placed buckets full of gold and treasures in front of the entrances to their caves. That's how people knew that the Antrians needed something. So they put food in front of them and could take the gold in return."

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