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Architecture by Pedevilla
Art by Gustav Willeit

Fire Station, Sand in Taufers

The Floriani Principle

The so-called Floriani principle goes back to a saying that appeared on a votive tablet:

Saint Florian / Spare my house, may the others burn!
Condemned to death because of his religion, St Florian should actually have been burned to death in 304. At the stake, he claimed that he intended to ascend to heaven atop the flames. So the executors decided to drown him instead. He then prayed for an hour before his execution, so that the soldiers were filled with awe and were once again reluctant to carry out the death sentence. An angry young man finally pushed him off the bridge and into the river.
Based on this tradition, St Florian is the patron saint of firefighters. He is also called upon to protect against fire and fire hazards, water hazards, storms, infertility of the fields or severe droughts.
Those who call the Sand in Taufers fire brigade instead can also rely on a well-equipped water rescue service. The raging mountain rivers with their waterfalls above the village are just too powerful.
And the fire station? It's yellow like the stubble field on which it stands – and yellow like the blazing larches in the mountain forest behind it. According to an old country saying, the first snow will not come until the last larch tree has shed its needles and the ground is completely yellow. Yellow like blazing flames, says Mr Commander.

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