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Architecture by Pedevilla
Art by Gustav Willeit

Service Building, Kreuzbergpass

Border Crossers

The Kreuzbergpass is a place with a rich history. It has been used as a mountain pass since time immemorial. Since the elevation of the pass is quite moderate and the approach routes are easy to master, the Romans already built the first paved road over the top of the pass known as the "Via Claudia Augusta Altinate", along which sporadic settlements started to form. For a long time, almost all the traffic that crossed the main Alpine ridge at the Brenner Pass used to flow over the Kreuzbergpass. It was not until the 19th century that the economic importance of the Kreuzbergpass began to decrease. Around 1930, the current road was built, which today offers spectacular views of the mighty mountain scenery, especially to tourists, and initiates the transition between the grown cultural areas of the Cadore and the Puster Valley.
At the top of the pass, we soon arrive at a strange structure made of concrete and hand-chopped larch wood. It is interspersed with elements of amber-coloured glass. No one can remember how long it has been there for – not even the hard-working people who use it. However, as this small building is almost oven-shaped and stands exactly on the border between two cultural areas, the people of both regions have appropriated the structure and dedicated themselves to intercultural dialogue.
Baking has been going on here for at least 70 years. The ritual is always the same: when the large sliding gate opens in the north, South Tyrol soon smells of focaccia. South Tyrol responds immediately, opens the southern sliding gate – and presents the Bellunese with a hurte full of Schüttelbrot. If only things were so peaceful everywhere.

"Or how do you perceive that?"
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